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Who Invented the Kickflip | Rodney Mullen Interview

For all of you who wonder who invented the Kickflip, here is the full video interview from Tony Hawk, with Rodney Mullen. “I sequestered Rodney Mullen recently during a dinner party at my house in order to get the real story behind the kickflip. The only quiet place was my bedroom. Is that weird? Only if you make it weird. Which I might have just done by mentioning it at all. Anyway, he invented the kickflip because he’s a genius and we are lucky to have him. Now I made it extra weird. Just enjoy the story and forget I ever said anything.” – Tony Hawk

Airblaster Gone Wild in Japan Snowboard Video

They say that Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn, but judging by the first episode of Gone Wild, the Airblaster team has no trouble with translation when it comes to snowboarding. Alright, maybe that was cheesy, but this video is not. There’s tons of powder, creative street lines and the fun shred that this crews embodies wherever they go. Enjoy the riding of Brandon Cocard, Taylor Carlton, Nick Dirks, Jonas Michilot, and Yusaku Horrii while they wile out in Japan and stay tuned for the next chapter of Gone Wild.

2013 Hot Dawgz and HandRails Video at Bear Mountain

2013 Hot Dawgs and Hand Rails Video at Bear Mountain. Video from Thirty Two. Some of the action that went down at Bear Mountain for this years Hot Dawgz and Handrails event. Riders are Johnny O’Connor, Dylan Alito, Brandon Hobush, Jordan Small, Spencer Schubert and Dillon Ojo. Jordan took 3rd and Ojo took 2nd.

You can connect with @ThirtyTwo on Twitter, Instagram, and for the latest on the brand and its riders.

Freestyle Wheelchair Riding with Aaron Wheelz Fotheringham

Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham is truly raising the bar with his freestyle wheelchair moto cross riding skills.

Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham is a 21 year-old wheelchair moto-cross athlete from Las Vegas, Nevada. Aaron was born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect of the spinal cord, which resulted in him having no usage of his legs. He is the third of six children, all adopted.

Aaron never let anything stop him. Even as a baby and small child, he did anything anyone else his age could do; he just had to figure out how to make it work for him. He rolled over, sat up, and even crawled (on hands and belly, no leg action) pretty much on schedule. Within days of receiving his first “walker” he was off and running. Next came crutches, which he mastered quickly. He would put on a “Superman” cape and blast down the hall on crutches believing, as any other 4 year old, that he could fly.

Aaron started riding at skate parks at the age of 8 when his older brother Brian said he should drop in a quarter pipe. He had been going to the park with Brian and their dad for weeks, but Aaron would just watch from behind the fence. The first time was scary, and he fell, but he was never one to give up just because it wasn’t easy. So he tried again. From then on he was hooked.

He has won a few BMX free style competitions, including the 2005 Vegas AmJam BMX finals, but for Aaron that is secondary to the joy of riding and hanging out with friends at the skate parks.

Learn more here..

A New Thread Of Shoes, Handmade in South America

Shoes Made in South America

Shoes from South America are here and about to drop on to the Market.  These hand weaved fabrics are ready for your long boarding and skateboarding sessions.  The shoes have a flat sole base and will come equipped with custom printed footbeds to customize the customers needs and wants.  The shoes are an amazing and fresh design.

Its a new brand, a new thread, an uncommon weave of hand made vitals that essentially make up this shoe.

This was a discovery made by entrepreneur John Centi while on a snowboarding trip to South America this past summer.  It goes to shoe that its much more.

Source : John Centi Site.

Drift Launches app for HD Ghost Camera for Action Sports

Drift Launches Mobile App Enabling Remote Control Over the Drift HD Ghost Action Camera
Drift App gives users unique ability to preview videos / photos in real time and download content to share instantly on social media platforms

Drift HD

Drift App for compatible Apple™ mobile devices available now, with Android version slated to launch in Q1 2013

LONDON – January 3, 2013 – Drift Innovation, the award-winning action sports technology company specializing in the capture and sharing of digital imagery, launched the Drift App for compatible Apple™ mobile devices which pairs with the Drift Datalink system found in the Drift HD Ghost action camera. The Drift App provides remote control of the camera allowing users to use their mobile device to set up camera angles, stream video playback and share content instantly via social media platforms. The Drift App is available now in the Apple™ App Store and is coming soon to Google Play for Android.

“Whenever you have the Drift HD Ghost mounted to a helmet or positioned somewhere out of reach, the mobile app is essential to frame your angle and ensure you get the best shot,” said John Rounds, Managing Director of Drift Americas. “The Drift App features extremely low latency so you can see exactly what the camera is looking at on your mobile device and line up shots instantaneously. The Drift HD Ghost also comes equipped with its own Wi-Fi network enabling users to stream and download pictures and videos on the spot, using their phones to upload content instantly to their favorite social media channels.”
The Drift HD Ghost communicates with compatible Apple™ and Android mobile devices to a distance of up to 295 feet (90m) using its built-in Wi-Fi network. When the Drift App is paired to the camera’s Drift Datalink system, users have the ability to control their Drift HD Ghost remotely, set-up and playback shots within the view screen, and also monitor the camera’s battery life, all on their mobile device. The Drift App also filters content by media type for playback in the gallery, allowing users to select their best video and still shots to share on social media sites.

The Drift App uses a similar user interface as the Drift HD Ghost making it intuitive to control, with a built-in ‘how to use’ section highlighting the small differences between the App and camera.
For the latest information and a video tutorial on the Drift App, visit To learn more about the Drift HD Ghost action camera, US $399, visit

The Drift App works only with the Drift HD Ghost (using firmware version 1.1.40 or newer) and is not compatible with older Drift cameras. The Drift App is compatible with iPhone 5/4S/4, iPod Touch 4, and iPad (all generations). For optimal stability, users should deactivate the 2-way remote control from the Drift HD Ghost settings menu. While using the App, video mode is restricted to 25/30 FPS in any resolution.

Learn more about Drift Innovation’s full line of accessories and high-definition cameras at and follow Drift Innovation on and on Twitter, @DriftInnovation.


Drift Innovation is an action sports technology company specializing in the capture and sharing of digital imagery across all platforms. Drift manufactures quality point of view HD cameras, mounts and accessories, inspiring action sports enthusiasts to document their experiences, capture the emotion and share their vision with friends and family. Drift’s mission is to ensure that their unique product features such as an LCD screen for instant playback, wireless remote control, rotatable lens and intuitive interface, guarantee a simple, positive user experience. Drift sponsored professional athletes in moto, auto, outdoor, snow, aquatic and airborne sports, are an integral part of the R&D process, testing the performance and durability of Drift products in the field. Drift, widely recognized as one of the top three point-of-view camera brands globally, distributes its products in more than 25 countries. For more information about Drift Innovation, visit and follow Drift Innovation on and on Twitter, @DriftInnovation.

Find Drift Innovation Online

Photo Hoodies, Its a hoodie with real photos

Photo Hoodies are really awesome. We have seen full print t shirts but these full print hoodies with real photos are something different. Presented by artist John Centi and Ink Wells Co these are something we have wanted to see and now its happening. John tells us a brief about the story behind the hoodies with photos below.

Photo Hoodie with a Sunset Photo by John Centi
- This photo hoodie features a sunset photo I shot in Bariloche Patagonia Argentina. This one comes free with a matching phone cover and is full print hoodie and the hood looks like a mexican pancho style.

John Centi Photo Hoodie
- This photo hoodie features a photo of a dock in Nahuel Huapi National Park in Argentina. This hoodie turned out awesome with the look and feel of a vest but with sleeves and in the form of a photographic hoodie piece of art.

John Centi Photo Hoodie
- I shot this photo hoodie while looking for inspiration with model Laurynn Dillingham. We used a projector and a blank white wall in Ink Wells, killed the lights and blasted images from Nasa of real galaxies on the wall. These turned out really cool. This photo is me with my camera kneeling down in front of the wall image and you see my silhouette here with my head in the sky.

Notorious BIG said The Sky is the limit. So at Ink Wells the crew is keeping our eyes to the skies and focusing on creating new and different art. The Photo Hoodie series is a part of this new inspiration we are trying to deliver. Enjoy Photo Hoodies by Ink Wells and John Centi.

Skateboarder Sundays: Wrap Up

 Photographer- Ashley Rosemeyer

When I landed my internship with Ink Wells, I was eager to use my platform maintaining the blog on The Blend to develop a compelling series of features that focused on the Pittsburgh skateboarding culture. This series turned into “Skateboarder Sundays” and derived from the decades-old tradition of skateboarders getting together to shred on Sunday afternoons with their homies. Interning for Ink Wells encouraged me to stay motivated and to constantly network with area riders and photographers.  I explored new possibilities daily and pushed myself to take photos every day. At my last count, I’ve taken about 4,000 photographs since I began my internship in July.  

Prior to my internship, I had limited experience in new media, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to maintain The Blend’s blog using WordPress tools. While learning the ins and outs of online publishing, I reached out to collaborators Alice Groesbeck and Dean Liebau to help me shape “Skateboarder Sundays” into a compelling, online interview series.  Alice edited the series while Dean created the graphics.  I met Alice while studying at Edinboro University. We both worked for the campus paper, The Spectator. Alice was a section editor and has since edited other articles for various online publications including I also met Dean while attending Edinboro. Along with our mutual interest in action sports, Dean and I are also having joint arts exhibition at the Bates Gallery which was just featured on the Blend earlier this week.

Although it’s bittersweet that my time with The Blend is coming to an end, working for Ink Wells has been an extremely rewarding experience. I want to give special thanks to my mentor, John Centi, for giving me this incredible opportunity to explore the field of photo journalism and for letting me discover different aspects of the industry. The lessons and skills I am taking away from this experience are almost immeasurable, and I am just so thrilled to have been a part of an independent, action sports publication.

As I mentioned previously, I’m showing some of my work this week in Bates Gallery in Edinboro, Pennsylvania with an art opening this Wednesday, October 10th. The show, “This Is Private Property,” holds a special place in my heart because it features some of my favorite photos from my “Skateboarder Sundays” series as well as some new work.  In November, more of work will be featured in another show called, “We: A Collection of Individuals//Pittsburgh Premiere//Mind the Video Man.

 Looking forward, I’m eagerly anticipating my graduation from Edinboro University this fall, and am excited to continue showing my work in more galleries.

 If you’d like to see more of my work, please visit me online: